Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Happy Easter! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing March Break and Easter long weekend.  A few housekeeping details to note:

First Communion is fast approaching - taking place on Sunday, April 29th at St. Patrick's church.  The mass for our class is at 3:00 p.m.  Looking forward to seeing many of you there and all of the lovely outfits :)

Education week will be May 7th - 11th this year.  Check out the upcoming St. Anne newsletter for a schedule of events.

On the learning front:

The students have been developing their writing skills and are learning to self-edit their work using an editor's checklist.  Many students continue to struggle with proper use of capitalization and punctuation.  Children should have many opportunities to write at home and be encouraged to self-edit their work afterwards.  Our current writing focus is Persuasive writing (light focus) and then Narrative writing (in-depth).  The students will be learning to write their own stories using the story map we have been studying throughout the year.  It is a great opportunity for them to further explore the elements of stories --> Beginning (Characters, setting, problem), Middle (4-5 important events) and End (Solution to problem).   We have also been doing some grammar exercises to further improve their writing skills.

In Math, we continue to practice our addition/subtraction facts and apply problem-solving strategies when working on word problems.  This week, we will be learning how to regroup with double-digit subtraction problems.  Often children who are adept at adding with regrouping will become confused when subtraction with regrouping is introduced.  Taking the time to review/practice regrouping with your child at home as part of their daily homework would be beneficial in cementing these skills.

We are wrapping up our Science units of Liquids and Solids, and Air and Water.  Our next unit will be Growth and Changes in animals and will include a special homework project.  Directions will be sent home with the students for this project.

Enjoy the nice weather!

Mrs. Logan

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